Master Franchising SystemTM

Global Retailers will market, sell and establish the DECORADOR Master Franchise System™ to/with potential investors in the smaller cities of each country (Poland, Turkey and Russia) where it owns and operates company-owned stores.  Moreover in bordering and or nearby countries, Global Retailers will market, sell and establish the DECORADOR Master Franchise System™ to/with potential investors who are interested in owning and operating a Master Franchise System™ in their home country.  Global Retailers targeted markets for its Master Franchise System™ are the fifteen countries located within the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region and the seventeen countries located within the Middle East and the five countries located in North Africa (MENA).

A DECORADOR franchise offers the ultimate flexibility and affordability to the franchise owner with the ability to 1) firstly; open a low-cost revenue-generating e-commerce store, 2) secondly; implement the In-home Sales & Services™ (IHSS) channel country-wide, 3) thirdly; open several austere smaller stores and 4) finally; open the larger more expensive mall-anchor stores after profitability is attained.  The early launch of the e-commerce and the country-wide implementation of the internet-based IHSS channel will generate significant early revenues; thereby minimizing the ‘cash burn-rate’.

Two vital planks of a DECORADOR Master Franchise System are its ‘human capital’ policies and philosophies tagged as ‘1 @ a time’™ service culture and its constant focus on cost-reductions, known as the ‘low-cost, Always’© mantra.

The Founder has learned over the years that the best investments with the highest returns in retail were his investments in his people, the ‘human capital’.  The Founder’s business in Poland is “all about changing lives, hundreds of lives…… by helping young people help themselves through the power of family, home and ‘hard work’.”  Whereas, in most retailers, their motto is “the customer is number one”.  DECORADOR builds a ‘cult-like’ Associate and Client Service culture which states “the Associate is number one”.  This Associate & Client relationship develops empowered Associates who are charged with making every Client number one, ‘1 @ a time’ ™ …… The Associate team is charged with creating loyal, not just satisfied Clients at every touchpoint in the retail process.

One component of the “low-cost Always” mantra is Leadership Development.  Leadership is ‘home-grown’ and is chosen from within the ranks of the store Associates; which means Associates are building a career in a ‘promotion from within’ environment; rather than just working at a job for a salary.  Moreover, the ‘home-grown’ leadership also allows DECORADOR to operate with a lower startup and on-going operational payroll, retain its high-performing Associates and promote proven Associates into key leadership positions.  Once chosen, the Associates attend DECO University™ until their leadership training is completed.  This low-cost mantra combined with the ‘1 @ a time’ service culture develops and maintains a cadre of ‘empowered Associates’ which is DECORADOR’S difficult-to-copy ‘force multiplier’.  Following these nine protocols prevent costly unforeseen expense surprises, like excessive inventory shrinkage and unexpected Associate turnover.  The value and success of a DECORADOR Master Franchise System™ is significantly enhanced by following the ‘low-cost Always’© mantra.  The goal of the mantra is to “Always Get More for Less”.

A DECORADOR Master Franchise System™ provides a major ‘win-win-win’ for its three stakeholders; Investors, Associates and Clients alike.

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The early launch of the e-commerce & country-wide IHSS channel generatesearly revenues minimizing the ‘cash burn-rate’.



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