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First and foremost, DECORADOR strives for a difficult-to-copy uniqueness  in its products  sourced from the global markets, its processes  anchored by the ‘1 @ a time’™ service culture and its cadre of empowered people  sustained by DECO University™ and its “home-grown” leadership.  This uniqueness  in products, processes and people demands a 24/7 willingness and ability to constantly reinvest  time and money.  Plain vanilla retailers lack one or more – generally all three.

DECORADOR® is not, and never will be a plain vanilla retailer; in time, plain vanilla retailers, especially big-box retailers falter or fail because they are competing in a bloody ‘red ocean’ (Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim & Mauborgne) of rivals fighting over a shrinking plain vanilla retail market.  Montgomery Ward, Sears, Caldor, Circuit City, H Q Home Quarters, Sports Authority are prime examples of these big-box failures.  They lacked diversity, flexibility and resiliency and the ability to adjust to a changing retail world.  DECORADOR validated its ability to change by morphing into a successful high-tech multi-channel retailer during the global financial crisis.  The Brand experienced a 28% mature store sales increase and was one store away from profitability while other Polish retailers were closing stores and filing bankruptcy.

DECORADOR® is a multi-channel hybrid retailer which “switches” its marketing, e-commerce and store emphasis overnight  from plain vanilla retail to solutions retail for the middle six months (March – August) of each year.  The e-commerce website, www.decorador.global and the Internet-based In-home Sales & Service™ (IHSS) channel website, www.mydecorador.com are the primary generators of ‘solutions’ or project sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars during this six-month period.  The following video, “Bricks & Clicks Plus” best explains this new high-tech and game-changing DECORADOR model.

The “red ocean/blue ocean switch” creates and executes strategic ‘value innovations’ which expands the ‘uncontested’ market space ripe for growth in the retail sector making competition less relevant; thereby creating a ‘blue ocean’ strategy which nurtures a “constant competitive differentiation”.

This “red ocean/blue ocean switch” allows the brand to significantly increase its ‘solutions’ transaction frequency & size as its ‘vanilla retail’ transaction frequency & size decreases during the historically slow retail months of the year; thereby a) leveling out sales to attain monthly profitability and b) providing the revenues required to maintain a year-round well-trained and motivated Associate team.  As a result of this ‘switch’ the Internet-based multi-channel model is weather-proofed, seasonality-mitigated and competitively-shielded.  The business model was truly validated in Poland.  Numerous retailers in Poland have tried to copy the DECORADOR model, ALL have failed.  There is a reason!!

"Investors will participate in three IPO’s in the $2 Billion Brand vision for the emerging markets; Warsaw Stock Exchange, Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Moscow Stock Exchange"

The multi-channel model is weather-proofed, seasonality-mitigated and competitively-shielded.